James Bond-Misc 1960

James Bond Scalextrics set from 1960ís. Not mint but good cars, Aston wheel arches are uncut. Please e mail for full details.

James Bond Pillow case from 1960ís. Rare USA item. Great artwork of Aston.

Unpackaged at £200.00.

James Bond Banner. 1960ís. Very rare bedroom banner from USA. Wonderful artwork of Connery and the Aston Martin.

James Bond Action Pen. Rare 1960ís toy from USA. Unopened.

James Bond Code Book by Multiple Toy Makers 1960sí. With Bond business card to. Unopened and hard to find.


James Bond Lincoln plastic Aston Martin. Not official but 1960ís and with silver Aston toy. UK.

James Bond Talc with box. Fun 1960ís item from USA and not so easy to find these days.

James Bond Talc, no box.

James Bond Frogmen from the Triang Undewater Game (I believe). Six baddies in black, 2 Team Bond in orange.