James Bond-Paper & Campaign Books

James Bond For Your Eyes Only Campaign Book. 1981.UK. 22 Pages. Not originally on retail sale so tricky to find. Lots of merchandise pictured.

James Bond For Your Eyes Only Pressbook. 1981. USA. 8 Pages. Trade distribution only.

James Bond Dr No and Goldfinger double bill Pressbook. USA. 1960ís. 6 pages.


James Bond The Man with the Golden Gun Campaign Book. UK. 15 Pages. 1975. Shows toys and memorabilia that was on sale at the time.

James Bond Moonraker Exhibitors Campaign Book. 1979. UK. 16 pages in total, including a pull out merchandise section full of toys.

James Bond Moonraker colour fold out flyer/promotional leaflet. Printed on firm card/paper.


James Bond OHMSS colour campaign book. Very rare. 12 pages. Complete but has some wear and minor repairs please do e mail or call for full description of this desirable Bond collectible.


James Bond Thunderball colour Exhibitors Campaign Book. 1960ís. 20 pages.Hard to find and very desirable as Thunderball was the film when merchandising was planned and heavily pushed.

James Bond From Russia... and Thunderball Pressbook. 1960ís. 6 Pages. Produced to promote a double bill at the cinema, probably late 1960ís.